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Our Advantage

A World-Class Company

What makes us different from everyone else in the market place? What let’s us make a claim that Intelligent Information Systems, Inc. (ISI) is a World Class Company? What makes us so sure that we can deliver the best solution for your money in the least amount of time with the fewest problems?

ISI has consistently delivered the best solution for the money, in the least amount of time, with the fewest problems. That is what makes us stand out from competition — and makes us a World Class Company.

We are in for the long haul and we build our business accordingly. Our primary focus is developing a long-term relationship of trust. It is our desire to not just gain you as a satisfied customer, but an excited promoter of our vision. We consider that the highest form of your appreciation.

We are determined to give you the highest level of service possible and to achieve that we have teamed up with numerous businesses that we have come to recognize as not only experts in their respective fields, but also as companies that share our commitment to excellence in service. In fact we are so confident of their abilities that we are even willing to stand behind their work and products. To you this means that you will not have to deal with finger pointing and instead be able to obtain all the services you need as unified integrated product.

Our Team – Our Added Value

Our own team has been hand picked based not only on our technical expertise, but also on our values and commitment to your success. Everyone on our team has been in your shoes, having worked as IT or financial managers of manufacturing companies. ISI is committed to putting our knowledge and experience to work for you. To learn more about our staff members, be certain to visit the Our Team page of the website.

Finally, we have a system of doing business. We have guiding principles for doing things — like contacting a customer or keeping track of work — and that makes it easy to consistently make the choices that lead to good decisions. We implement time-tested, internal documentation procedures that make it easy to be efficient. Having a fine-tuned system results in a delivery of the same great service every time. We view having a well-implemented system so critical to our success that we challenge you, our customers: Do you want to settle for status quo, or do you want to be a World Class company? We can help you achieve that higher goal, because the very heart of our company is in tune with your system of doing business — striving for excellence.