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ISI Guidance Improves Efficiency for Lingo Manufacturing

Lingo Manufacturing began using the services of ISI in 2001 when the return of support offered through our manufacturing software company was no longer justifiable for the fees. They also never seemed to offer any solution to our situations other than to write more code into our software which in turn caused additional cost every time we needed to upgrade. The biggest problem with using their support was being mixed in with a huge pool of customers, all with different operating concerns. If you are a small fish in that pool, as we were, our issues were not big enough to address, so our support/coding dollars were put into R & D for the larger customers.

When Rick Lane first came in to work on our issues, he gave us solutions that were specific to the way we operated our facility. Over the years he has presented solutions that are simple, logical and actually do address our particular problems. His knowledge of not only our software, but what is available if needed has been incredible. We were using approximately 25% of the capabilities in the software, simply because we had the canned training and knew no better.

Once he started showing us what all we could do with the software at our facility, it was like a whole new realm of possibilities were there to improve our efficiencies in the shop and keep track of our financials. Instead of going back to rewrite the software code, Rick showed us how to work with the powerful software tool we had in order to get the issues resolved. ISI was also called on to rebuild our entire database after a systems crash a couple years ago, so I am confident to say they would be able to tackle any job we could throw at them.

ISI is into problem solving at the working level, not just in writing code in order to sell more programs. It would be hard to put a dollar amount on the profits that have been gained from their help, but to say it is significant would probably be a major understatement.

Tim Smith
Lingo Mfg. Company

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