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About ISI

We can help you compete competitively and profitably

Typically, ISI is called in to provide support when a business is integrating new technologies or software into an existing system. We are ready to step in at any stage of the process. When you invest in a manufacturing database, one of the key elements to success is the up-front planning before implementation — we can help. Once this is accomplished, we help you plan a roll-out of the software while improving network infrastructure and integrating existing software and hardware technologies into the new system. ISI is there every step of the way as you go forward to help you reduce duplication and inefficiencies in process flow, and better utilization of current systems.

Let us help you after the rollout

ISI has implemented or re-implemented, written extensive reports along with add-on programs as well as improved the network infrastructure for many Vantage, Sage and other users.

We can provide support in the following areas:

  • ERP Systems
  • Accounting Systems
  • Payroll Systems
  • Time & Attendance Systems
  • Human Resource Info. Systems (HRIS)
  • Custom programming/report writing (Progress, Report Builder, Visual Basic, Access Crystal, Quest, etc.)
  • Database administration (Progress, SqlBase, SQL Server and others)
  • Hardware setup and troubleshooting
  • Internet products and services including firewall & security
  • Business consulting services—with over 30 years experience in manufacturing

ISI will enable you to provide the integrated, comprehensive software systems that let you focus on what you do best—running a productive, growing and profitable business.

Our mission is to help businesses make Intelligent use of technology

Our first priority is to help you achieve maximum benefit from your investment in technology. Intelligent Systems Integration, Inc. (ISI) strongly believes that intelligent use of technology can enhance your success in business. Another important factor of your business success is building strong relationships with a few key partners. These partners should be able to strengthen you in their areas of expertise, be trustworthy and professional in all their dealings. We seek to be such a partner for you. Our experience ands skills in getting the most out of ERP and other manufacturing software packages are all at your disposal. You will also be able to tap into experience and resources of our numerous partners with their specialties in programming, networking, small-business consulting, telecom and web development.

What does this mean for you?

  • You will get the optimum returns on your current technology investments
  • You will be able to obtain more efficient workflow and be able to make well informed decisions
  • You will be able to watch for trends and efficiently analyze your data
  • The new technologies will be efficiently integrated with your current environment
  • You will enjoy high rates of return on your technology investments

ISI is a team of associates who bring experience, knowledge, and skills together to produce satisfied clients, an enjoyable workplace, outstanding solutions, opportunity for individual growth and financial benefit for all.